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"I like foxglove...[because] it provides immediate and all-day softness and skin conditioning without feeling sticky or heavy."

Austyn, Brigham City UT



Beard Growth Oil

Beard Growth Oil

Beard Growth Balm

Beard Growth Balm

The Beard Kit

The Beard Kit

Beard Brush - 100% Boar Hair and Bamboo

Beard Brush - 100% Boar Hair and Bamboo


Growing a beard isn't separated between the cans and the can nots. There is a whole lot more gray area in between, meaning you probably can grow a beard, an incredible one. Just no one has given you the tools to help you succeed, because we always just chock it up to genetics.


Healthy and Strong


Soft and


What We Do

We know how difficult it is to grow a beard. It took our founder several years before he could even start calling the stubble on his face a beard...
So we created a system to help your beard come in fuller, faster, and stronger.
Most beard enthusiast who sell their oils look at where men currently are at, bearded or not, but we look into the science behind beard growth and found it's not that cut and dry... 
There is a whole lot more that goes into beard growth, like nutrition, health, oils, hormones...
So we've created The Beard Growing System that will help you grow a beard better, and make your life better too.

We believe you'll love our products. But we know not everyone is us. So if for some reason you don't love our products within 60 days of purchase, feel free to send it back. We'll even take care of the return. 

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