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FOXGLOVE Co started because of a sunburn. No joke. I went up to Bear Lake over Memorial Day weekend and ended up with a gnarly sunburn. I never liked using the store bought aloe vera gel, it always left my skin feeling sticky and gross; like I needed to wash it off. So I went on a search to create a sunburn cure. A Summer filled with apple cider vinegar later, man I hate that smell, there wasn't much to show for it.

I ended up with a bunch of oils and I had a beard, so I drew the logically solution. I started creating beard oils. First they were pretty bad, like real bad. They left your beard feeling dry, sometimes coarse and I honestly feel bad that I sold some of those oils.

It took some time after those initial trials to create something that would truly soften and hydrate. But I figured it out and then began to perfect. Three years later and now FOXGLOVE Co has the simplest beard oil and balm on the market, with no fillers, no parabens, and nothing hiding under generic names. Yet it works harder than any other brand on the market.

And we're still trying to make work even better. 

Taylor Ross


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