FOXGLOVE Co was started as just a way to cure a sunburn. Nothing intense, just a simple Pinterest recipe that said you can cure your sunburn overnight by using apple cider vinegar and coconut oil. It sort of worked and so we tried to combine it into one application rather than having to apply two different things. This took a little longer to figure out than it should've because we forgot our high school chemistry and realized after a couple of trials that water and oil don't mix.

We got to the point where we had a solid product but it was at the end of the summer and no one really wanted to smell like apple cider vinegar. We noticed that we had accumulated a bunch of different oils and there was enough that we could make a beard oil. So that is where we started. 

What We're About

We believe that there should be a change in the cosmetic industry. Within the industry, everything is focused on helping you be what you aren't, basically helping you fit in with the "norm." Since the "norm" doesn't actually exist, why do we need to fit in with it? So we at FOXGLOVE Co decided we don't want to go that route.


We want you to be you, the best you, you possible can be. So everything we create is painstakingly tested on ourselves, our families, and friends to make sure it does exactly what we say it does. We believe cosmetic products should promote what you already are by helping to heal your skin and hair. We believe you should feel confident in your own skin, even when there's nothing on it. Every product we make has ingredients that helps your skin clear up and feel incredibly soft, and feeling incredible. Basically, we create products that help your outside reflect your inside. 

Join the Rebellion!

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made for the rebellious.