3 Easy Ways to Growing an Incredible Beard

  • Sleep, Eat, and Exercise Well

  • Take Care of Your Skin

  • Use Beard Care Products

Beards have consistently moved in and out of fashion over the last few centuries. After a long period in the early 19th century beards started coming back into fashion, come the 1970s but not until the mid 2000s did it come back in full force. Since this explosion, there has become a huge interest in how one can grow a decent beard. We're sorry to say that there isn't a fool proof way to grow a beard, a lot of it lies in genetics, but there are ways to help improve what you have and maybe even encourage some facial hair growth.

1. Sleep, Eat, and Exercise Well

Growing an incredible beard takes time, so first off be patient with yourself. Second, studies have shown that sleep, food, and exercise all can contribute to hair growth. Most of your hair grows while you sleep, when cellular turnover is at its peak. Getting those sleeps in is vital to not just hair growth but also beard hair growth. Not resting enough can decrease blood circulation, which decreases your nutrient flow, meaning less nutrients make their way to their proper destination. All of this effects your beard because in order for it grow in properly you need those nutrients.

Eating well is vital because it gives you the nutrients you need to survive but also the nutrients that are key to growing a beautiful mane. If you don't have those nutrients then more likely than not you will be stunting the growth of your beard.

Exercising well, isn't just important to your overall health, it helps your beard grow also. Studies have shown that testosterone helps stimulate beard growth. A natural way to stimulate that is by exercising.

2. Take Care of Your Skin

Skin care isn't something men are usually associated with, but trust us, it's important! Taking care of skin first off helps you look incredible, but it also primes the area for hair growth. Take the top of your head for example. Most people wash their hair once a day with shampoo which strips vital oils from the hair and scalp. We're willing to gambit that most men don't even use a conditioner or simply use a 2 in 1. The issue with that is those oils aren't being replaced effectively, which causes the hair to suffer causing premature hair loss.

This same thing goes toward your face; clean it, moisturize it, and maybe even give it a massage or two. We suggest a moisturizer that is high in vitamin E but absorbs quickly. This keeps the acne at bay but also helps heal your skin from the inside out.

3. Use Beard Care Products

Once that beard starts to come in your work isn't done. We'd say that it's only beginning. Once you start getting some scruff in you're going to want to get yourself a beard care kit. This kit will have beard oil or beard balm, comb, beard brush, and scissors. You'll then want to get a routine in place, most likely just after you showered. Taking care of your beard by brushing it and applying an oil or balm helps the beard stay clean and looking incredible. The brush helps keep it tangle free and brushes out the beardruff that is inevitable (sorry 😕). The oil or balm helps moisturize the beard keeping it soft and also hydrates the skin underneath (helping with the beardruff problem), and it also helps it smell nice. Choosing a beard oil or balm can be difficult since there are so many to choose from. We are a little bit biased, but we suggest getting a beard oil that has avocado or coconut oil and castor oil. Those oils both soften and hydrate well and the castor oil promotes hair growth.

Anyway hope that helps in your search for that incredible mane.


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