Your beard needs a brush. Seriously. Just like you need to give the rest of your a hair a comb or brush every once in a while, your beard needs a good brush every day. 


Made of 100% Boar Hair with a Bamboo handle.


What brushing your beard does is it

  • Gets rid of that dead skin and beard hairs, which means you can keep wearing that favorite black shirt becuase you won't have beard flakes and hairs littering your chest
  • Effectively applies beard oil and balm, meaning all your beard and skin underneath get coated which reduces your beard flakes and softens your beard
  • Keeps your beard straight and knot free, meaning your beard looks the best all day long


*Since this brush is made from boar hair, some hair may fall out of the brush with the first few uses. 

Beard Brush - 100% Boar Hair and Bamboo

  • The FOXGLOVE Co Utility Brush when used daily

    Helps clear up the beard flakes so you don't have dead skin littering your shirts

    When used with FOXGLOVE Co Beard Oil or Beard Balm, you get better coverage of the oils on your beard and skin

    This reduces your beard flakes even more

    Leaving your beard softer and more hydrated

    In short: 

    • Removes beard flakes
    • Applies oils and balms more thoroughly leaving your beard hydrated, softer, and reduces beard flakes
    • Keeps your beard looking great
  • 100% Boar Bristles and Bamboo Handle


We believe you'll love our products. But we know not everyone is us. So if for some reason you don't love our products within 60 days of purchase, feel free to send it back. We'll even take care of the return. 

What Our Customers Think

"I like foxglove...[because] it provides immediate and all-day softness and skin conditioning without feeling sticky or heavy."

Austyn, Brigham City UT

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